• Wake up! with Morning Okido Yoga For Women

  • Start the day connecting to your body and breath. The focus of the exercises will be to release stress and tension, improve body alignment and gain strength and flexibility.


    Join us for the morning women's Yoga class with Junko Maria Furugori, a holistic therapist and experienced Okido Yoga trainer at Richmond Shul.


    The class is on Every Thursday , 10 - 11 am .


    All levels of abilities are welcome!


    Price is £12 for a face-to-face session, and £9 online.


    Please contact Junko to sign up for a class: junko@eighthelementhealing.com

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    Junko Maria Furugori

    Junko has been teaching Okido Yoga since 2011 after experiencing its benefits through a period of ill health and completing a 4-year training. Her aim as a teacher is the same as her aim as a holistic health therapist: to support people in feeling their best, at one with themselves and flowing with Life. Junko is also a foot reflexologist and a qualified teacher in Natural Nutrition and Life Energetics.


    “Through attending my classes, I would like people to connect with their inner peace and joy, their Life Force, and gain the many physical and mental health benefits that come with this unification.”


    You can see her webpage here: http://eighthelementhealing.com/okido-yoga-with-junko-furigori/: