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  • About Us

    Richmond Jewish Community Hub was created in 2018 as an inclusive cultural centre for the Jewish community of South West London. Based in the beautifully functional building of the Richmond Synagogue, RJCH is bringing a fresh wave of creativity and energy to the area. It wouldn’t have been possible without the support of The United Synagogue Community Development Fund.

    Our Vision

    Our vision is for the RJCH to be a hub of Jewish activity at the heart of the South West London Jewish Community. We seek to build an invigorated community infused with a fresh sense of unity and connected by strong Jewish values, a love for arts and culture, a passion for education, and a strong feeling of belonging.

    Our Role

    RJCH provides a place and programme of outstanding activities, clubs, courses and vibrant events that serve the whole Jewish community, regardless of age, denomination or level of observance.


    We do this by:

    • Reaching out to and building relationships with the diverse South West London Community
    • Listening to the kind of events that best serve this community and working to deliver on the needs identified
    • Acting as host to create a space where all feel welcome, appreciated, engaged and inspired.
  • What's On

    We are in the news! 

    Check out the Jewish News article about RJCH Ukrainian Cultural Evening and see more photos here

    Women's Yoga

    Thursdays 10 am - 11 am

    Hybrid Classes of Women's Yoga!
    Please, join Junko Maria Furugori, a holistic therapist and experienced Okido Yoga trainer offline or online and start the day connecting to your body and breath, release stress and tension, improve body alignment and gain strength and flexibility.


    Thursdays, 10-11 am.

    £12 per class face to face. £9 online class.


    To book or ask questions, please email Junko at junko@eighthelementhealing.com

  • Catch up on our recorded events

    Question and Answers with

    Ambassador Mark Regev

    Israeli Ambassador to the UK

    Question and Answers with 

    Alex Brummer

    English Economics commentator, Financial Editor of the Daily Mail and The Guardian.

    COVID-19. Could the UK Have Handled it Better? An Interview with

    Dr Peter Feldschreiber

    Barrister and medical regulation expert

  • Updates

    Check out our latest updates!

  • Clubs and Courses

    "Still Singing!"

    Postponed due to Covid

    Every Wednesday, 6:30 - 8 pm

    Come and join a new group for voices at RJCH and share your favourite music!

    Do you enjoy singing or listening to singing?

    Jewish sung music includes a rich repertoire in Hebrew, Yiddish and Ladino as well as the treasures of Chazzanut.


    Every meeting a new theme.



    Womans Yoga Class

    Thursdays at 10 am

    Hybrid Class

    Start the day connecting to your body and breath. The focus of the exercises will be to release stress and tension, improve body alignment and gain strength and flexibility.


    All levels of abilities are welcome!


    Price is £9 per online class and £12 for face to face class.


    More Info

    Richmond Cafe

    Wednesdays, fortnightly

    From 11 am till 1 pm

    "Zaatutim" Baby and Toddler Group

    Postponed due to Covid

    Monthly - Fridays 9:45am

    Enjoy a coffee and a chat whilst the kids play, sing songs and dance to the music, all in Hebrew! For the children from 0 to 3 and their carers.

    For any questions, please contact



    Cost £3 per session

    Monthly Film Club


    Postponed due to Covid

    Film starts at 3 pm


    Donation £5 per person


    Due to a high demand to see these films would you please confirm your booking by email: ivor.deitsch@btconnect.com



    More Info

    Kehillah Advice

    On demand, please get in touch if you need an advice


    On Thursdays


    Appointments from

    11:30 - 14:00


    If you are interested, please, sign up for a time slot here http://bit.ly/KehillahAdvice ,


    email events@rjch.org.uk


    or call Iryna on +44 (0)7741 801 292



    More Info

    Yoga for Men

    Thursdays 10 - 11:30 am

    Sivananda Yoga - an adapted style of traditional Hatha Yoga.


    No previous Yoga experience is necessary, and it is applicable and beneficial to all ages.


    Price is £15 per class.


    If you are interested, please, email alex@brenner.org.uk




    Table Tennis

    Postponed due to Covid

    Every Monday 7:30pm

    Join our Table Tennis Club. Where everybody enjoys playing everybody else, even though our standards have quite a range. Friendly doubles, Championships and more.


    If you wish to attend and for any questions, please contact






  • Richmond Cheder

    About Us

    Richmond Cheder is a warm and friendly Sunday morning Cheder that provides a fun and engaging way for our children to learn about their Judaism.


    Our aim is to provide a Jewish education that will enable our children to leave Cheder with a solid grounding of Jewish practice and fluency in Hebrew reading. We hope to impart the next generation with a love of Judaism and a positive sense of Jewish identity. Our staff bring high quality, hands-on learning that caters for children of all ages.


    We pride ourselves on our high staff-to-student ratio, including one-to-one Hebrew Reading teachers. We run special events around the Jewish festivals and periodic outings to bring Jewish education to life.


    Most importantly, parents tell us that all the children walk out with big smiles on their faces and look forward to coming each week!


    Please contact our Head Teacher to find out more information about the Cheder.


    Chaim Golker





    Sunday morning at 9:30am- 12:30pm



    9:30 - 10:00 - Assembly & Parsha

    10:00 - 11:00 - Lesson 1 & Hebrew Reading

    11:00 - 11:30 - Break & Snack

    11:30 - 12:30 - Lesson 2


    Ages: Classes range from nursery (ages 4+) until our Bar & Bat Mitzvah class and Religious Studies GCSE class (ages 14-16).


    We follow local school terms, as closely as Jewish festivals allow, ensuring that there is minimal disruption to the children and their school holidays. For the academic year 2020-2021, we will be operating on 32 Sundays.


    Our curriculum is designed to impart Jewish knowledge and Hebrew Reading in a fun, engaging and interactive manner. Each class will acquire Jewish knowledge which is age appropriate and will build on their prior knowledge on the topic. We pride ourselves on the quality and experience of our teaching staff and enjoy a high staff-to-student ratio, including a 1-1 Hebrew Reading Teacher.

    Nursery - Year 2 Class

    Hebrew Alphabet

    Jewish Blessings

    Shabbat and Festivals

    Bar & Bat Mitzva Class

    Advanced Hebrew Reading

    Hebrew Textual Skills

    Jewish Philosophy

    Advanced General Knowledge

    Year 3-5 Class

    Hebrew Vocabulary

    Jewish General Knowledge

    Jewish Prayers

    Religious Studies GCSE Class

    Follows AQA GCSE Curriculum

    Religious Perspectives on Contemporary Issues

    Exam Technique Preparation

  • Contact us

    Get in touch if you have any questions

    Richmond Synagogue, Lichfield Gardens, TW9 1AP
    +44 (0)7741 801 292
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